Prostar vs Buckhurst Hill 14th December 2014 Kick off 11.30m

This is the first meeting between the two teams this season, but what do we know about the opposition? We know that they don’t concede many goals 7 so far in 7 games, but don’t score many either, 15 in 7 games. Compare that with Buckhurst Hill Scored 35 conceded 12 in 8 games. We also know they lost at home against Victoria Park who Buckhurst Hill beat away from home. So it all points towards a tight game today, lets hope the Buckhurst Hill boys come out on top before the Christmas break.

Prostar kick off

Buckhurst Hill look lively and are popping the ball about well.

8Mins: Prostar break the offside trap, and the striker is through on goal. Rawlings comes out makes the initial save and manages to dive on the loose ball.

Buckhurst Hill keep pressing the 9 a side pitch it making it hard for the players to exploit space.

16Mins Goal 0-1: Stalick hooks a shot goal wards and the keeper saves the ball but pushes the shot onto a defender who helps It over the line,

23Mins: Spencer shoots and scores and is ruled offside, much to the surprise of all watching.

26Mins: Laycock with a freekick sees his effort go just wide.

HT 0-1

Buckhurst Hill Kick off

3Mins Goal 0-2: A shot is spilled by the keeper and Spencer keeps his composure and fires it home.

The game flows from end to end with Buckhurst Hill winning the loin share of possession as both teams battle for the 3 Points.

15Mins Goal 0-3: Laycock floats in a great freekick and Spencer does the rest, as he meets the dropping ball and places it into the corner of the net.

21mins: Prostar are not giving up and keep trying to force it through the defense but Everard, Salmon, Stephens and Bell are having nothing of it, and repel all attacks.

26Mins: Close from Buckhurst Hill, Lord races onto a through ball and rounds the keeper, but his goal bound strike is hacked clear.

 The Buckhurst Hill boys dig in and everyone of them fight for every ball, and Prostar just cant get any good strikes on goal. The match ends and everyone of the Buckhurst Hill boys can be proud of their efforts today, and what a result.

 Result FT 0-3

Stalick, Spencer x 2