Buckhurst Hill vs Prostar 15th February Kick off 12pm

With the weather effecting the fixture list, this is only the Buckhurst Hill boys 2nd game of the New Year and what a tough game it is. Prostar are the visitors today and they are a formidable physical presence and have plenty on the bench to back it up. Buckhurst Hill are struggling, and with only 1 on the bench and not much game time under their belts, Prostar are favorites before a ball has been kicked.

Buckhurst Hill kick off

6mins: Close for Prostar, they spring the offside trap and Rawlings comes out, makes himself big and the shot goes wide.

14mins: Close again for Prostar, they beat the offside trap as a through ball takes a deflection off a Buckhurst hill defender, Rawlings gets a block and the ball goes wide.

Buckhurst Hill are struggling, the physical but fair nature of the game has seen a number of the Buckhurst Hill players on the ground needing attention as they start to wilt under the constant pressure being applied by Prostar.

20Mins Goal 0-1: The break through for the away side, and it has been coming. Some good work on the left wing sees the ball crossed into the area, and the ball is struck but takes a wicked deflection that sends the ball into the opposite corner of the goal.

Its all Prostar as they carve through midfield and the Buckhurst Hill are really hanging on. Only a freekick from Laycock, which the keeper saves as the second attempt, gives the Buckhurst Hill defense a rest.

39Mins Goal 0-2: They get their 2nd and what a goal. A strike from outside the area is curled into the top right corner and no keeper is getting that, as Rawlings effort to keep it out is in vain.

Its going to be a very long half as the Buckhurst Hill players limp off at half time, with very little options on the bench it is going to be a long 2nd half.

HT 0-2

 Prostar Kick off

 18Mins Goal 0-3: Another close in effort smashed home as a winger gets around the back and sets up a teammate to score. For the Buckhurst Hill boys its damage limitation as the game is gone and heads have dropped.

26Mins Goal 0-4: From what was an offside position a ball is squared across the area and group of Prostar players are queuing up to finish the move off, and dually do so with Rawlings in goal no chance.

32Mins Goal 0-5: A freekick is conceded central at the edge of the area is curled home. Rawlings gets across but the ball squirms free and the balls falls into the net, Rawlings wont be happy that it got past him.

The final whistle blows and the Buckhurst Hill boys look dejected, and they can have no complaints Prostar deserved the victory. Buckhurst Hill were 2nd best in most of the areas on the pitch today, which is a first for the team this season. With the injuries all over the pitch mounting up, lets hope none are to serious and players missing can return next week. Peter and Paul could have some tough work to do raising spirits, as they look to get the campaign for top honours back on track.

Result FT 0-5